Why Me

Writing for industry for more than a decade taught me a lot.

This experience helps me get going on writing projects right away because I am familiar with your vocabulary and processes.
Expressing complex topics in understandable language is part of my tool belt.
This skill helps me turn complicated information into readable stories about your company. 
You come first.
Whether your writing needs are big or small, technical or whimsical,
you’ll get the same level of attention, intensity, and expertise I use when writing instructions for testing circuit breakers or for building roads.
Methods and audiences may differ,
but both technical writing and marketing writing
convey important stories about how things work.
Combining technical writing techniques with marketing writing is perfect for writing white papers, special reports, case studies, and many other marketing materials.
Technical writing offers advantages in structuring marketing writing in several ways:
  • It takes a logical approach to ordering information.
  • It uses the strongest verbs to describe action.
  • It encourages brevity and accuracy.
  • It follows rules, buttons everything down, and lines it all up in columns and rows.
Marketing writing (copywriting) complements technical writing by building on the logic, accuracy, and strong verbs. However . . .
  • It changes formal, stilted language into conversational, personal everyday talk.
  • It emphasizes the human side of industrial endeavors and the benefits of doing business with you.
  • It strategically breaks rules to connect with a real person and convey information with heart along with the intellect.
  • It asks the reader to take action and offers benefits for when they do.
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