Instructional Manual For Writing Test Procedures

Client: (employer) subcontractor to industrial software company.

Audience: Technical Writers who assist software engineers in writing instructions for conducting equipment testing.

Purpose: Flesh out a a one-page outline to write a 32-page manual that describes a complicated technical writing and testing process involving multiple departments and specialists. The participants and business entities are disguised but the manual is essentially intact.

Employee Manual

Client: ATM manufacturing small business

Audience: Company employees.

Purpose: Create a new employee manual for a growing small business and write a customized chapter about corporate values based on interviews with the company owner. This excerpt is from the values chapter I wrote.

The Organizational Sweet Spot (Introduction)

Client: Dr. Charles Ehin

Audience: Business Professionals

Purpose: Transform distant, academic language into more reader-friendly prose throughout the book. I took his data-driven introduction and wrote a more personal invitation to engage with his expertise. This excerpt is the first page of his 100-page book about business management. 


Dr. Ehin's book was published by Springer Press and is available on and his website: