Book Edit - The Organizational Sweet Spot by Dr. Charles Ehin

Dr. Ehin asked me to edit his entire book after I rewrote parts of the introduction as an experiment. His book is not long, but it is packed with an intriguing mix of innovative management theory, anthropology, social and behavioral science, and common sense.
But it was written in a distant, academic style and lacked attention-getting urgency in the first pages. The introduction emphasized statistics and cost but said little about people. Dr. Ehin asked me to warm it up and make it more approachable and reader-friendly. The excerpt is the introduction I wrote.
I used e-book copywriting techniques to build interest and urgency in the introduction and lighten the language throughout the book. I also wrote some bridge material where transitions seemed abrupt or if the connection between topics wasn't clear. The book is more conversational, but still retains a professional tone.
Dr. Ehin's book was published by Springer Press and is available at and on his website:
Chapter One - Closing the Engagement Gap
A pervasive and costly condition is smothering almost one-fifth of the US workforce. 
This condition affects about 24.7 million U.S. workers. It causes lethargy, apathy, negativity, and occasional disruptions in appetite and sleeping patterns. Another common symptom is the inability to concentrate on routine tasks, which naturally results in reduced productivity.
To make matters worse, this affliction costs the U.S. economy anywhere from $292 billion to $355 billion annually.
Corporate managers and budget officers are understandably concerned, but they are seemingly unable to do anything to change or reduce this condition's effects on their workplaces or their corporations' bottom lines. In fact, many of them are not only unaware of how to fix it, but they are also unwilling to do what's necessary to turn it around.
Science fiction? No. It's real.
Epidemic? Maybe.
Pervasive and costly? Yes, absolutely.
But what is this workplace condition and why haven't we heard about it? If it were a disease, it would be declared a national emergency and a massive effort initiated to contain the epidemic. The entire world would pay attention.
Fortunately. this condition is not a physical disease. Unfortunately, it continues to sap our workforce and our economy. 
The nature of this epidemic? Active employee disengagement.


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