Words and Progress Go Together

Ever since I was really little, words have fascinated me. It started with my elementary school teacher dad. He held me on his lap while he read our small town newspaper every morning and showed me how the squiggles were symbols for sounds.

Pretty soon the funny squiggles began to make sense and I realized that the sounds made words, and the words shared ideas and the pictures we all see in our heads. By the time I was about five I was reading on a 4th grade level. (Yes, I’m a fan of teaching phonics.)

Words served me well through college and landed me a degree in English and Music. They served me well through graduate school, an MBA in Organizational Development and master’s level study in Technical Writing.

Then my work with words won awards at the Utah DOT for writing and editing the UDOT Book of Road and Bridge Construction Specifications. More words and awards at Shipley Associates where I edited the Proposal Guide for Business Development Professionals.


Now those funny squiggles can do even more than represent instructions on building roads and remediating groundwater and soil and so much more. They can also help people find each other through marketing so they can share knowledge and ideas, build businesses, and strengthen communities.

The lovely thing about words is they can lead to so much progress. I want to be part of that progress by working with you to create meaningful, compelling content about your business.

Let’s make progress together.

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